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Kamala Mai Municipality has allocated budget to construct luxurious slaughter house in Sindhuligadhi.

Aug, 08 2019


Kamala Mai Municipality has allocated budget to construct luxurious slaughter house in Sindhuligadhi, Sindhuli. The Municipality has allocated the budget of FY 076/077. The Mayor of the municipality shared that the budget is allocated to construct the slaughter house within this fiscal year.

 The HURADEC Dolakha under CS:MAP funded by FHI360/USAID is campaigning and advocacy on construction of slaughter house in the district. Due to not maintaining the slaughter house and managed meat market, it has directly caused on the human health with collaboration among district stakeholders and line agencies. The HURADEC has conducted different pressurized activities through district level health network as well as conducted evidence-based interaction among stakeholder.

 Firstly, the HURADEC had conducted the action research/evidence collection and the health networks of Sindhuli had monitored the market. The evidence collection report was shared and discussed among stakeholders. After that the stakeholders had submitted the delegation paper to District Administration office and municipality office. Then, the assistant chief district officer of Sindhuli had led to monitor meat market in the district rapidly and initiated to stop the open meat market and butchery.

The Mayor of Kamala Mai municipality Mr. Khadga Khatri had committed to construct the slaughter house on the occasion of district level mass meeting of stakeholders, media person, CSOs and people on March, 26 , 2019. AS well as, the participants of the Sajha Sabha organized by CS:MAP/HURADEC on May 22, 2019, also created the pressure to build the slaughter house. Mr. Shankar Barma, chief of district coordination committee, also committed to initiate on construction of slaughter house.