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Public hearing

Jun, 02 2018

Shailung Gaunpalika of Dolakha has decided to institutionalize public hearing as per right to information act 2007 and good governance promotion action plan 2017 to maintain transparency and accountability in the programs as well as effectiveness in public service delivery.

HURADEC Dolakha and Shailung Gaunpalika has jointly organized a public hearing in Dhunge Bazzaar in April 25, 2018 and the Chairperson of the Gaunpalika Mr. Bharat Dulal requested to all user committee to conduct a public hearing compulsory in every activities implemented as well as committed that Gaunpalika apply and continue public hearing program in a periodic and institutional level. At this time, Mr. Chairperson also urged to all user committee to complete the projects within 15th of Baishakha and informed all the people that Gaunpalika is ready for participatory planning process and he insisted on all the people to participate and prioritize the real needs.

The chief administrative officer Mr. Ramesh Bishwakarma had shared overall progress of the Gaunpalika as well as sectoral chief also shared the progress in their respective area to all citizens.

The public hearing program has declared six points' commitments on addressing the grievances of citizens. The commitments are; initiate on resolving the drinking water problems in ward no. 3 of Gaunpalika, management of JTA regarding with livestock and agriculture, need to draw the attention of district authority to release the installments to earthquake affected households. Along with them, Community outreach clinic will set up to all ward and settlements, need to maintain and display the responsible person telephone number in Gaunpalika office premises, encourage to conduct public hearing in all social and infrastructure development activities as well as Gaunpalika itself organize periodic public hearing of the sectorial basis.


There was 110 People (45 female) Participated in that public hearing.