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LDAG discussed with ward palika chair and merchants on waste management

Jun, 02 2018

Shailung Radio Listening and action group members have interacted with Gaupalika chair and merchants in Shailung Gaupalika-03, Katakuti Dolakha on sustainable waste management. The Bagkhor bazzar is totally muddy due to poor management of water supply and it gave troubles to pedestrians and transportation and LDAG has organized a interaction and discussion meeting among chair Mr. Dhurba Kumar Shrestha, Market management committee and Merchants together to manage such waste in the bazzar.

The discussion comes into decision that the waste surrounding in the market will be managed soon as well as they are ready to make off with mud and dirt from the road. As said by facilitator of LDAG Ms Laxmi dolma Tamang, Ward Palika office and radio listening group members jointly collect the contribution from the market. As well as the motor-able road up to  Shailung Gaupalika office is too muddy and giving trouble to beneficiaries with monsoon.

LDAG team and Gaupalika representatives have collected feedback from citizens targeting to Gaupalika level assembly. The team members were ward palika chair Mr. Dhurba Kumar Shrestha, member Parbati Shrestha, Local chamber of commerce secretary Kamal Shrestha, LDAG facilitator Laxmi Dolma Tamang. The citizen has provided suggestions to prioritize to drinking water, road and budget allocation system should be transparent.

The LDAG was formed in 2074 Sharwan 26 BS though the members of LDAG have asked the information to chair of Gaupalika/ward palika after local level election completion regarding with the facilities from Gaupalika/ward palika, target community budget allocation and mobilization as well as discussed with elected representatives. The LDAG is consisted with the age of 33 to 65 and mixed experiences though they had poor knowledge on who are target community, budget and its mobilization and how to increase access to services of government before Radio Sajha boli program. Now they expressed that the members have increased their understanding on public service delivery and citizen rights. At this time, LDAG also discussed on the transparent and responble services from Gaupalika/ward palika and members of LDAG are also over sighting on public service deliver and public resource use.